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Term of Use on Satake Website

Handling of Personal Information

The Company will respect our customer's privacy and protect personal information appropriately.
[ Personal Information Protection Policy ]

The Company will use personal information provided by customers through this homepage within the scope of necessity to achieve the purpose of the following.

Also, the Company will not provide third parties with our customer's personal information without authorization, except in case of formal legal inquiry.

  • To provide shipping of commercial products and services to our customers.
  • To report within the company for the purpose of enriching products and services to provide our customers.
  • To inform our customers with information regarding new products and services.
  • To contact our customers as needed.

When the Company uses personal information for purposes other than those above, the Company will specify the purpose of using and informing Customer Relations in advance whenever possible. [Contact]


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The contents appearing in this homepage will be changed and revised without notice as needed.

However, the Company does not guarantee that all the information in this homepage is updated. Also, please note that some products or services appearing in this homepage are not provided in some countries.

The Company does not take any responsibility for the contents of websites run by others linked to from this homepage. Also, the Company does not intend to imply recommendation of such contents.

The Company assumes no responsibility for any loss incurred through the use of content appearing in this homepage including linked websites.