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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Satake Honolulu, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" ) shall protect customer's personal information, and endeavor to respond to its trust by recognizing that personal information which can identify a specific individual are important personal assets, by complying with the laws regarding personal information and company regulations, by collecting and making use of personal information properly, and by managing personal information updated and abolishing them appropriately.

Organizational Activities

The Company will carry out the following activities to achieve our basic policy.

  • All the people engaging in duties in the Company will implement the compliance program relating to personal information protection, and handle personal information properly and safely.
  • The Company will establish company regulations related to handling personal information, set the standard of utilizing personal information, and implement them.
  • The Company will elect the person in charge of managing personal information and the person in charge of the section, authorize them to implement and make use of the compliance program, and perform our duties.
  • The Company will elect the auditor in charge of personal information, and operate audits regarding managing personal information regularly. The Company will improve company regulations and utilizing standards continuously on the basis of result of the audit.
  • The Company will establish the model of behavior and concrete rules to prevent from illegal access to personal information, loss, falsification, destruction and leakage, and lead to improve problems by checking them regularly.
  • The Company will request cooperation to achieve the purpose for company regulations towards our group companies, correspondent firms and individuals.

Handling of Personal Information

The Company will make an effort to comply with the following rules with regard to handling personal information.

1. Maintenance of Company Structure

The Company will stay in the structure which enables to manage properly by setting the section in charge of protecting personal information, and by putting in position of managers in every system or duty handling personal information.

2. Collecting of Personal Information

The Company will collect personal information within the scope of necessity after specifying the purpose of collecting and utilizing, and informing Customer Relations in advance.

3. Utilizing and Entrusting of Personal information

The Company will recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and utilize them within the purpose, and manage them appropriately.

When the Company entrusts all or a portion of handling personal information the Company possess to related companies or third parties, The Company will place the same obligation of managing on entrusted companies, and carry out necessary supervision after concluding confidentiality agreement with them.

4. Proper Control of Personal Information

The Company will endeavor to assure safety of personal information by watching compliance with company regulations and utilizing standards with regard to managing personal information.

5. Respect of Personal Rights

The Company will respect personal rights about personal information, and respond to disclose, correct, delete, and cancel within the scope of rationality promptly only when they identify themselves by their requests.

6. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information

The Company will try to keep personal information correct and updated, and improve handling of personal information constantly.


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