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About Omusubi GABA

  • About Omusubi GABA
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Omusubi shop by world famous grain processing machine manufacturer, SATAKE

Omusubi GABA Waikiki is an Omusubi shop operated by SATAKE, the world’s leading rice milling machine manufacturer from Japan. SATAKE’s leading technology and longtime research and development were the key to the development of this GABA rice.

SATAKE Head Quarters Hiroshima Omusubi GABA JAPAN SATAKE

To promote GABA Rice, we have opened 3 Omusubi shops in Japan and now the first oversea store, Omusubi GABA Waikiki.

Omusubi GABA Waikiki
Enjoy our Omusubi with
freshly milled GABA rice

Healthy meal with our tasty nutritious GABA rice.

Enjoy the freshest rice in Hawaii!

Brown rice to white rice, we mill GABA rice to your perfection

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Secret to our tasty GABA Omusubi

1 ワイキキ店で毎日精米!


We bring in GABA rice made from 100% Japanese rice (Hinohikari variety from either Hiroshima or Kagawa prefecture).

The GABA brown rice is freshly milled to GABA white rice every day at the store for the best quality, taste, and nutrition value.

2 炊き上がりへのこだわり


The fresh GABA white rice is carefully cooked with precise amount of water for best taste and consistency.

With carefully prepared GABA rice and the best available ingredients such as grilled Hokkaido salmon from Japan, we can provide the best quality Omusubi.

What is GABA?


GABA is a type of amino acid.

High presence in germinated brown rice, tomato, melon, and other vegetables.

Formal name of GABA is “Gamma Amino Butyric Acid”

The study shows GABA works as a neuro-transmitter in the brain. The researchers also found that regularly eating GABA lowers blood pressure, improves kidney function, and reduce stress.  

What is GABA Rice?


GABA white rice contains approximately 5 to 10 times more GABA than regular white rice.

This new GABA rice looks and tastes exactly like regular white short grain white rice for people who had difficulties eating brown rice.

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